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Hail & Welcome! I offer a wide array of authentic Spirits & powerful Spellcast items!  Here you can shop in a safe & relaxing atmosphere, in complete privacy & confidence!  Custom orders welcome.  Layaway available.  Experience top of the line, life-enhancing talismans and Discover what Magick can do for you!


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Luli Chinese Shamaness Haunted Doll
Amethyst Spring Tree Spirit Offering & Yggdrasil Wishing Tree Portal
Irish Bog Oak Magick Talisman Druid Crafted & Blessed
Lemurian Star Dragon Ring
4 Baby Firefly Fairies Haunted Ring
"Sea of Gold" Haunted Juju Wealth Money Magnet Amulet
Temple of Tentyra Thoth Djinn Relic Ring
Fun n' Flirty Greek Male Satyr Amulet
Arabian Scarlet Dragon Phoenix Hybrid Haunted Ring
Super Black Moon Haunted Crystal Ball Portal to the Beyond
Valley of the Kings Pharaoh's Oasis Royal Egyptian Djinn Genie Ring
Metaphysical Recharging & Cleansing Spells
Genesis Angel Djinn Hybrid New Beginnings Ring
"Gretchen" Paranormal Wish Box Gypsy Luminita Estate
Keeper of the Flame Fire Ilmu Khodam Ring
Secret Guardian Male Egyptian Djinn Lamp
Pleiadian Nordic Alien E.T. Cosmic Swirl Amulet
Cauldron of the Angels Spellcast Wish Manifesting Relic
Winter Quartz Tree Spirit Offering & Yggdrasil Wishing Tree Portal
Italian Stregoni Benefici Vampire or Vampiress Amulet
Super Moon "Moonglow" Esoteric Alchemical Spellcast Ring
Black Moon Persian Monarch Shah Djinn & 4 Hafaza Angels Ring
White Wolf of Avalon Werewolf-like Haunted Amulet
"Through the Veil" ~ Spirit Portal Devic Temple Quartz Crystal Wand
Master Oracle of Atlantis Haunted Ring
Holy Grail Vapor Dragon of Glastonbury Tor Merlin Haunted Ring
Lisette Baba Yaga Highly Active Haunted Figurine
Truda Baba Yaga Highly Active Haunted Figure
Sanctified Ring of the Order of The Knights of Malta Haunted
Carnelian Autumn Tree Spirit Offering & Yggdrasil Wishing Tree Portal

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